ChristianCounselorsUS.com helps Christians connect with Christian counselors. Founders Marty Dickinson and his wife, Susan Lee, are Christians who have been married for 24 years and have two children. They were high school sweethearts in the graduating class of ’84, went through college together and are still married, in love, and even in business together. Yes, it IS possible in this day and age!

Like everyone, they have had their fair share of challenges. But, they were best friends long before the love bug struck, so they have always been able to work through those challenges to resolution.

Marty Dickinson is co-author of Web Marketing All-in-One for Dummies (currently in bookstores around the world). He has been a full-time web marketer for 18 years and manages nearly 100 of his own websites. After launching his first of many niche-focused  directory style website in 1996, he started a web services company called HereNextYear.com.

Susan Lee is author of God’s Law of Attraction (website here) and works in the corporate banking and lending field. In her spare time, she manages the company finances.

Together, Marty and Sue aim to combine their communication skills with Internet marketing savvy to expand the web presence of participating Christian counselors.