Upgrade to a FULL Posting and Get One Full Year of Visibility FREE!

Your free posting information has been received. Now we would like to give you two options.

Option #1: Upgrade to a Full Posting

By clicking the Add to Cart button below, you will be brought to a checkout screen. After your order is complete, you will be brought to an additional form so that you can supply six additional components to us that are not requested in the free posting. An actual human being on our end will manually configure your profile after the full profile content is received.

  • Appear more professional
  • Look more established in your business
  • Be more welcoming to your profile readers

All of these benefits go along with a full posting. After your order is complete, you will be brought to another form to answer some detailed questions. We will use that content to construct your profile. Plus, your potential new clients will be able to take immediate action by contacting you through our secure email and click-to-call forms.

Example of a Full Christian Counselor Posting

What are the Full Posting Rates?

We charge only a small administration fee of $49 to setup your full profile. There are no additional subscription, hosting, or membership fees. Just upload your photo to us in any size you’d like (no more than 1 Mb please). We will crop and size the image to fit. Interact back and forth by email with our administrator until your profile is the way you want it. Send in any changes you’d like throughout the year.

In 12 months, you will get three emails reminding you that your renewal time is drawing near. You will automatically be charged a simple $29 administration fee once again to maintain your profile over the coming year. Review your profile, send in any changes at that time or throughout the year.

ALL FULL POSTING orders will be reviewed and, if approved, posted within 48 hours.

No Thanks, Just the 48-Hour Review Please

As mentioned in Step 1, we will review your Free profile content within 1-3 weeks. If you would like us to prioritize your review, we charge a small administration fee of just $10.