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Trudy Colflesh serves in Colorado Springs as a Christian Counselor. She specializes in treating unhealed wounds of the past which interfere, often unconsciously, with the emotions and relationships of the present. She incorporates in the counseling session a powerful prayer ministry called Theophostic which goes to the root of the problem. She is the author of emotional healing poetry called Soulcry and writes about shame, trauma, sexual and ritual abuse, dissociation, suffering, and a response from a loving God who hears our pain and answers.

City: Colorado Springs
State: Colorado
Book Title: Hope for the Wounded Soul, Love for the Wounded Soul
Client Focus: To bring broken areas of the soul and spirit into wholeness through cognitive and emotional processing, prayer, and the Lord’s guidance.
Specialties: Trauma, Grief, Sexual abuse, Unresolved Childhood Wounds, Codependency, Religious Abuse, Relationships, Anxiety, Depression
Credentials: Licensed Professional Counselor, Masters Degree in Counseling, National Certified Counselor, Board Certified Christian Counselor
Office Location: 4865 Old Farm Circle W, Colorado Springs, CO, 80917
Cross Streets: Academy and Austin Bluffs area
Insurance: Out of Network, after deductible met
Payment Terms: $100 for 60 minutes paid each session, check or cash

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